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New Patient Information

Are you new to Broadway Veterinary Clinic? Whether you’ve just moved to the area or just brought home a new pet that you want to bring in for an examination, we can’t wait to get to know you and your furry best friend! Here’s all the info you need as a new client at Broadway Veterinary Clinic.

New Clients Welcome!

We treat our clients and their pets like family, and the Broadway Veterinary Clinic family is never too big. We truly seek to listen, understand, and assist you in providing the best possible care for your pet. The animals that we care for on a day to day basis touch our hearts, and we know they deserve the best.

We are always happy to meet new clients and their special pets. If you’re curious if we are a good choice for you and your pet family, here are a few items that we feel set us apart from the crowd as a clinic of exemplary service:

  1. We have been serving the Bangor, Maine, area for decades. Our community is important to us, and our clients and their pets are like family.
  2. We are able to offer advanced therapeutic services such as chiropractic, so your pet is not only disease-free, but able to live their most full and happy life.
  3. We offer advanced diagnostic services, such as digital radiography, and have a fully equipped diagnostic laboratory on-site. If your pet ever has a sickness or injury, our cutting-edge technology can help your pet regain health and happiness expeditiously.
  4. We appreciate the companionship of not only cats and dogs, but small mammals as well. If you have a small mammal such as a rabbit, ferret, or mouse as a pet, we are able to provide the special care they need.
  5. Take the stress of worrying about your pet at home out of traveling. In addition to veterinary medical services, we offer safe and comfortable overnight boarding accommodations under the care and supervision of our trained hospital team.

Typically, first appointments run a little longer than follow-up appointments, because we want to understand your pet’s unique health requirements and personality. You can expect your first visit to take about 30-45 minutes. We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Join the Broadway Veterinary Clinic Family Today!

Located off of Highway 95, just 3 miles from Bangor International Airport and 1.5 miles from Husson University.

Phone: 207-942-2281

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Note: Surgery patients are admitted between 7:30am-8:00am, at that time we are unable to answer our phones.