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Dental care is extremely important for pets, as they use their mouths for almost everything they do. We provide the highest level of pet dental care, from routine cleanings and dental exams to tooth removal and treatment of common oral issues that can occur in pets.

Dental Care For Your Pet

Imagine what your teeth would feel like if you never brushed them, and have never been to the dentist.

Because pets are unable to take care of their own oral hygiene by brushing and flossing, it is important that we help them in the prevention of tooth rot and plaque buildup. An estimated 80% of pets have some form of dental disease by the age of three. Have you noticed that your pet has bad breath? This is one of the first signs!

To prevent your pet from the pain and discomfort of dental ailments, we recommend dental cleanings in our office, as well as regular at-home care. Many dogs, and most cats, refuse to sit still to have their teeth brushed. To help with their regular care, there are many forms of dental treats, toys, and rinses available.

With your annual wellness exam, we will complete a dental assessment to determine if your pet has dental disease, and what precautions should be taken against it. In severe cases, a dental procedure, like an extraction, may be advised to completely remedy all oral pain. If this determination is made, we will work with you through each step of the treatment process.

For our dental cleanings, we use an ultrasonic scaler to remove dental plaque and tartar. The machine can be very noisy, and most pets do not like to sit still for us to adequately clean their teeth, so we must use anesthesia for the procedure. Our staff will work with you and closely monitor the pet until they’re ready to go home.

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